Why beech and Oak wood?

Among our brand's kitchen product range, the most prominent ones are Cutting boards, Cheese boards, Tapas boards, and charcuterie boards. With the idea of applying the wood burning technique to these products, we did many trials and tests. The products had to show the burned area very well, be healthy, be of good quality , long lasting, and be of different price levels.

All the wood we use is FSC certified. Don't say what's the importance of a small emblem. When you buy FSC certified products, you are not destroying forests, you are helping them more to grow.

At every stage of Woody Buddy’s production, we take care to be environmentally friendly.

Cut of woods of cutting boards which are handmade. Check the sides you will see that they are hand cut. That means every boards of us are unique.

After the sanding process of our boards, , we do wood burning in our own atelier. Mostly your orders are made after you placing your order. All our designs are under our license and we are constantly adding our own drawings to our product range every week.

We use different methods in wood burning techniques. Our only goal is to offer you the product at the best price and to provide environmentally friendly production. We try to reduce our carbon footprint and reduce our costs, even down to the electricity used for the burnt product.

We use different woods for different price levels, including massive wood and natural wood. Cutting boards, Cheese boards, Tapas boards, charcuterie boards, all of them, whether massive or natural one-piece wood, the raw materials we use the most are beech and oak wood.

Oak and beech are Hard wood materials , antibacterial, washable and durable for many years.

You can wash our products with dish soap and water. The pattern on it will not go away.

The pattern is only burnt wood, there are no chemicals, polish, artificial products. Only burnt wood and mineral oil applied on it.

At every stand of us we hear the question ‘Woody Buddy, these boards are so beautiful that we can't cut something on them.’

We have a suggestion for you. Don't cut on the front side, use the back side for cutting.

Serve cheese, charcuterie, tapas, fruit, even grilled meat from bbq at your home parties , birthday parties, Thanksgiving dinners , Christmas dinners. Use it next to your barbecue.

A friend has moved from a distant place to a new city. Wouldn't you like to give them a cutting board with the skyline of the city they moved to?


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