How to hang wood art on the wall?

It can be difficult to hang wooden art on walls. However, you should make conscious efforts to minimize damage to the wall. Before drilling, you need to take into account the following: size, weight, shape, and material. Before hanging wood art, you might have multiple questions. What wall material is suitable for holding the art? Wood art can be drilled. What other ways can you hang an artwork?

This article will answer all your questions about hanging wooden artwork. These items can be purchased at hardware shops or departmental stores. The best way to hang your wood art is creatively, safely, and visually appealing.

How to hang wood art on the wall?


The first thing you should do is weigh the wood art piece.

It is a good idea to weigh any art piece before hanging it on the wall. Mounting tapes and adhesive strips work well if the weight of the wooden art piece is between 10-12 pounds. If the weight exceeds 12 pounds, screw eyes, studs or other strong hanging techniques may be required. You will be better able to choose the best hanging techniques and methods if you weigh the art piece.

Find the required items

You will need to have the essential art hanging tools such as measuring tapes and hammers in every house, studio, or workplace. You will also need to collect the materials that can be used to create art pieces of various sizes and weights. These items could include:

- For art pieces that weigh less than a pound, adhesive tapes, strips and nails are available.

- For heavy-weighted people, hang hooks, studs or rail-tracks kit kits and wall anchors

- Brick clips are best if you're attaching wood art to brick walls.

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Best Wood Art Hanging Tools & Methods

1. Mounting tapes and adhesive strip

Mounting tapes or other double-sided adhesive strips are great for hanging lightweight wooden items. This tape can be used to hang small objects like wooden key holders, wooden photo frames and small wooden paintings.

- You should clean the surface where you plan to apply the tape. The best tape for 1 pound is 3 to 5 inches.

-  Apply the tape vertically to the back of the object. Press the button to release any space.

- Take off the clear liner from the opposite side and place it wherever you like.

- It can be used on glass, wood, and stainless-steel. You should ensure that you only purchase wall-safe, high quality mounted tapes.

2. Screw eyes, keyhole hangers, and hanging hooks

The best woodwork is painting, ornaments, blocks, small hardware, screws eyes and hangers.

- Screw eyes are sized based on the art you have. For it, drill the hole. Use pliers to tighten the screw eye.

- Place the keyhole hanger onto the surface of your wood art. It should be placed over the nail on the wall. Slide the nail through the large hole in the hanger. The nail will move to a narrow opening, and thus lock for the space.

3. Drywall anchor

Nowadays, drywalls are an integral part of infrastructure. In such cases, anchors for drywall can be used to support wooden crafts. These anchors can be screwed in to metal or plastic bodies. You can choose one depending on the weight of your artwork and your preferences. There are many types of drywall anchors. Each one can support different weights. The one with legs can support a heavyweight. The anchor extends its legs to support the wooden work and provides excellent support.

4. Rail-Cable Hanging Kit

Rail-track hanging kits are best if your objects are heavy-weighted. These cables attach to the rail that is supported by walls. The wooden frames are held in place by small hooks. These hooks provide support for the cable and connect the rail system to painting. This installation is ideal for large wooden crafts. It provides support that is strong and long-lasting to multiple pieces of wood at once.

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The ideal height to hang a wood art above the ground level

Your art piece should be at least the height of an average human eye, above ground level. An art piece should be placed between 55-60 inches above the ground. Art galleries, museums, and exhibitions use a standard measurement to e nsure that the human eye can easily enjoy the art in captivity.

How do you measure for hanging?

Every piece, whether it is a wooden framed painting or a wooden craft with a geometric design, must be measured accurately to ensure that the viewer is captivated by its beauty. This is why you should measure your artwork and mark it. You don't want to han g expensive art randomly. Here are the steps:

1. Take a measurement of the wall's height between 55-60 inches (57 ideal) and mark it using a pencil or removable chalk.

2. If you plan to hang one piece of wood art on a wall and mark the exact center point, mark it and place the center of the painting there.

3. Next, measure the width and mark the center of the art piece. This will serve as the central point for drilling your nail.

4. A tooth holder can be used to mark the middle of your artwork.

5. To balance the weight of the art craft, hang it with a weight-bearing metal. Hooks are available for carrying the balance wire.

How do you remove holes and nails from the wall?

You can leave ugly nails and holes behind after you move your painting. Fill the space with plaster or spackle to fill in the gaps. Then, you can smoothen the surface. Paint the area if possible. Take a board and place it under the nail to safely remove it. The hammers claw should be placed right next to the nail. Push it gently outwards. Your wall will remain intact from the sides of your nail.

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