Collection: Rotterdam

Woody Buddy's Rotterdam Collection: A Tribute to Rotterdam's Modern Vibrance

Rotterdam, a city that marries cutting-edge architecture with a rich maritime history, is uniquely honored in our Rotterdam Collection. Each cutting and serving board in this handcrafted, laser-engraved collection encapsulates the city’s vibrant soul.

Why Choose the Rotterdam Collection?

  • Authentic Rotterdam Gift: Looking for the perfect Rotterdam gift or Rotterdam Cadeau? Our intricately designed boards provide a lasting memento of the city.
  • Artistic Yet Practical: These boards feature detailed, laser-engraved wooden city silhouettes that are both visually arresting and functional.
  • Versatile Design: Use them as durable cutting boards in your kitchen or as stylish cheese or serving boards for gatherings.
  • Ideal Housewarming Gift: If you’re scouting for unique kitchen gift ideas, the Rotterdam Collection offers an elegant and practical housewarming gift choice.


  • Expertly Handcrafted
  • Precision Laser-Engraved Cityscapes
  • Multi-Functional: Cutting and Serving Board
  • Robust and Easy to Maintain

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