Collection: SASSENHEIM

Elegance, Functionality, and Dutch Flair Sassenheim, a quaint Dutch town, comes to life in Woody Buddy's Sassenheim Collection. Handcrafted with precision and adorned with laser-engraved cityscapes, our boards add a touch of art and utility to your kitchen.

Why Choose Sassenheim Collection?

  • Memorable Souvenir: Ideal for Sassenheim mementos or gifts.
  • Art Meets Utility: Stunning city silhouette designs for cutting or serving.
  • Versatile Use: Switch between cutting, cheese, and serving effortlessly.
  • Perfect Housewarming Gift: A unique and meaningful kitchen gift.
  • Features: Expert craftsmanship, detailed engravings, and easy cleaning.

Experience Sassenheim's charm in every board.

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