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Woody Buddy

Noordwijkerhout Cutting Board

Noordwijkerhout Cutting Board

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Introducing the Noordwijkerhout Signature Cutting Boards by Woody Buddy, a splendid amalgamation of practicality, artistry, and local heritage that promises to bring a unique charm to your kitchen. With meticulous craftsmanship and a keen eye for design, this cutting board offers the ultimate combination of functionality and elegance.

Key Features:

  • Striking Local Imagery: The standout feature of this cutting board is the intricately laser-engraved depiction of Noordwijkerhout's most cherished landscapes and symbols, celebrating the town's natural beauty and vibrant culture. This fine detail adds a layer of sophistication to your kitchen essentials, elevating it beyond a mere culinary tool.
  • Premium Quality Craftsmanship: Woody Buddy has selected only the finest materials to create this art-inspired cutting board, ensuring durability alongside visual appeal. The wooden silhouette not only showcases significant aspects of Noordwijkerhout's environment but also provides a sturdy and effective surface for all your chopping, slicing, and serving needs.
  • A Gift of Tradition and Innovation: As a housewarming present, this cutting board perfectly encapsulates the blend of tradition and modernity that Noordwijkerhout represents. It appeals to a wide audience, from those just starting in the kitchen to seasoned culinary aficionados, making it a universally appreciated gift.
  • Artisanal Excellence: The exquisite design highlights the skill and artistry of Woody Buddy's craftsmen, transforming every cutting board into a showpiece that you’ll be proud to display. This piece serves as a constant homage to Noordwijkerhout's charm and history.
  • Supporting Handcrafted Tradition: Your purchase contributes to the preservation of handcrafted city design cutting boards, enhancing your cooking and dining experience with an item that's not only functional but also a conversation starter.

Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 45cm x 27cm x 16mm
  • Material: High-quality, sustainably sourced wood
  • Care Instructions: For best care, hand wash recommended. Not suitable for dishwasher to preserve the intricate laser engraving.

Legal and Use Agreement:

  • All rights reserved. This product’s design and artwork are copyrighted by Woody Buddy. Unauthorized reproduction or distribution of this design is strictly prohibited.
  • This product is intended for personal, non-commercial use only. Commercial usage, including reselling and public display, is prohibited without Woody Buddy's express written consent.

For Licensing or Commercial Use:

Contact us at for inquiries.

Discover the Noordwijkerhout Signature Cutting Board by Woody Buddy: more than just a kitchen tool, it’s a piece of art that pays tribute to the beautiful town of Noordwijkerhout. This cutting board not only adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any culinary setting but also celebrates the craftsmanship, history, and passion for cooking, all laser-engraved into a piece of wood that’s ready to become a beloved part of your kitchen's story. With Woody Buddy, you invest in a piece that serves, tells a story, and inspires.

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