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Introducing the Leiden Molen De Valk Medium Serving Board by Woody Buddy—a fusion of exquisite craftsmanship, history, and practicality. Handcrafted with care, this serving board is not just an addition to your kitchen accessories; it's a statement piece that evokes the rich heritage of Leiden, particularly highlighting the iconic Molen De Valk.

DIMENSIONS: 49cm x 19cm x 18mm

Made from premium, sustainably sourced wood, the board undergoes a meticulous process to ensure it's both beautiful and durable. The laser-engraved cutting board features a detailed custom city line drawing of the Molen De Valk, an eye-catching landmark that's been part of Leiden's skyline for centuries. The laser engraving method ensures that the design won't fade or wear, offering you a timeless piece of art.

As an art cutting board, it's as functional as it is beautiful. The medium size makes it versatile for a variety of kitchen tasks. Whether you're chopping vegetables, serving cheeses, or displaying appetizers, this city cutting board is up to the task. The well-crafted wooden surface provides an excellent cutting experience, ensuring that your knives stay sharp while also preventing bacterial growth.

But that's not all. This serving board makes an exceptional housewarming gift or a special present for any occasion. It's a unique find among kitchen gift ideas, perfect for someone who appreciates the finer things in life. The artistic rendition of Leiden’s Molen De Valk adds a touch of elegance and history to any culinary setting.

Invest in this handcrafted city design cutting board to elevate your kitchen experience. Celebrate the city of Leiden and the iconic Molen De Valk with this Woody Buddy creation, and make every meal a journey through culture, history, and art.

So why settle for a mundane cutting board when you can have a handcrafted, laser-engraved work of art that's also a utilitarian wonder? The Leiden Molen De Valk Medium Serving Board is not just another kitchen accessory; it's an experience.


All rights reserved. The design and artwork on this product are copyrighted by Woody Buddy. Unauthorized reproduction, copying, or distribution of this design is strictly prohibited. 04/09/2023

By purchasing this product, you agree to use it solely for personal, non-commercial purposes. Commercial use, including reselling and public display, is not permitted without prior written consent from Woody Buddy.

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